Innovating the Future of Healthcare Construction

Modular MD embraces the power of various progressive technology-driven methodologies, including programmatic, state-of-the-art Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our sophisticated design-build capabilities offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional hospital construction without sacrificing care.

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Why Modular?

Rising healthcare expenses combined with prohibitive construction costs can serve as a deterrent to hospital systems performing long-delayed upgrades. Medical modular units provide healthcare institutions with flexibility, cost savings, and a significantly reduced project timelines, not to mention less interruption to delivery of healthcare services, since construction occurs off-site in a controlled environment. 

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Industry Leaders Come Together For Next Frontier In Healthcare Construction

By integrating our experience in facilities planning, design and controlled factory-based construction, Modular MD delivers the unmatched combination of quality, speed-to-market, cost savings and the flexibility to scale as your needs evolve. And because Modular MD construction is safer, less wasteful and more considerate of the environment, it is a far more responsible way for your organization to build. 

ModularMD is backed by the unique collaboration of Central Consulting & Contracting and iBUILT Group, which respectively bring 30-year track records of unparalleled expertise in healthcare and BIM modeled, fully-integrated, off-site, steel-based construction.

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COVID-19 Response

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the United States, medical officials and government leaders collaborated to erect makeshift facilities and transform hotels and convention centers into treatment areas. As the pandemic has laid bare, most hospital systems aren’t equipped to handle a flood of infectious disease patients. 

Modular MD’s solution to the crisis: state-of-the-art ICU units equipped with the latest technology and medical resources. Featuring ICU beds, nursing stations, data closets, utility rooms, patient bathrooms, antimicrobial material for all surfaces, and monolithic flooring, Modular MD’s ICU units can be deployed directly to medical centers or off-site facilities—anywhere critical care is required. 

In accordance with 2018 Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI) guidelines, Modular MD isolation units deliver a negative air pressure and 100% free air ventilation for up to 12 ACH, as well as hardware to provide heating, cooling, dehumidifying and high efficiency air filtration, enabling both isolation and optimal interaction between patients and professionals.

Comprehensive Clinical Solution to Meet Diverse Needs

  • Patient and critical care modules with flexible configurations
  • Modular medical expandable gas headwalls
  • Pre-engineered or custom designed units
  • Temporary or permanent structures
  • Adaptable for different uses as needs change
Specifications and Features to Optimize Care
  • Hospital grade HEPA filtered HVAC
  • Power, gas, water and waste systems
  • Antimicrobial surfaces
  • Optimized lighting configurations
  • Telemedicine video-conference capabilities

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After decades of relatively slow change, an at-scale shift to modularization—alongside digitization—looks likely to disrupt the construction industry and broader ecosystem. All players should evaluate the trend and impact, and assess their strategic choices, to ensure they can benefit rather than risk being left behind.

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